CargoStrap is available in a range of widths and breaking strains to meet your packaging demands. Tension clips and knots can be used although we recommend buckles. These can be supplied in various widths and strengths as specified for the various tapes.

01. Lightweight Tension Clips
Quick, simple and secure.

02. Secure Steel Buckles
Ideal for use on heavy duty shipping. Tension can be easily adjusted.

03. Hand Tying
For quick off site securing. Recommended Knot - Reef Knot

CargoStrap can be custom printed with your company name. This not only improves the appearance of the packaging but is the perfect marketing tool for getting across your company name.

Advantages of Custom Printing

• Identification - Company name repeatedly printed
• Promotion - Continuous advertising
• Quality Control - Printing of batch and code numbers ensures easy traceability

Clips and buckles supplied in assorted sizes as required

Light and portable reel stands

Clip tension Systems