Welcome to CargoStrap

CargoStrap Polyester tape is an ideal packaging solution for securing loads and cargo. Made of high tenacity polyester yarns it is strong as steel, yet more flexible and much safer to handle. It will withstand most weather conditions and changes in temperature, thus ensuring constant tension during every stage of packaging and handling.

Manufactured and supplied by Associated Processors Ltd., the utmost quality can be expected.


Using our unique hot melt technique quality is assured at all stages of production. Yarns and tape are tested ensuring that they fall within the minimum specification. All products are colour coded and stamped for complete traceability. We are totally dedicated to continuous research and development of new product solutions and will customise products to your specific needs.

Advantages of CargoStrap

• Alternative to steel strap, wire ties or belting
• As strong as steel
• Minimises injury
• Cost effective throw away strap
• Tension easily adjusted
• Easy handling
• Kinder to product than any other strap
• Rust proof
• Weather resistant
• Strong and lightweight
• Customised printing available